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William Frangus Elementary Logo

“We are FAMILY..Nothing but our BEST” is our school’s motto. Our staff is dedicated to providing the students of Frangus Elementary with a quality education that will make each of them marketable in our global society.

Please stay connected with our school by visiting our Facebook page and utilizing the student planner. This awesome resource serves as a very valuable communication tool between the school and home. Student achievement will soar by using this communication tool.  It is designed to assist your child in organizing his/her daily, weekly, and long term assignments.  In addition, the planner provides academic support at home. I invite parents to check for notes from the teacher referencing student’s academic and behavior status and sign their child’s planner daily. Parents may also send notes to the classroom teacher by attaching the note to the planner or writing directly in the planner.

The student planner also serves as the student handbook and is filled with important information regarding school policy and procedures.  Parents and students should review the information together.  If you have questions regarding the information in this handbook, please contact your child’s teacher or administration.

I welcome each of you to become members of our PTA and SAC (School Advisory Council). As a team we will reach the collective and individual goals for academic achievement for each and every child.

Putting Children First,

DeCheryl Britton