2019-2020- Kindergarten Team

Ms. Doherty
Ms. Mateo
Ms. Griffin
Ms. Schmidt

 Ideas for helping your children at home:

Language Arts

Make flash cards for upper and lower case letters and practice them daily OUT OF ORDER.

Take your child to the library to get a library card and choose books.

Talk, sing, listen and read to your child every day.

Put letters in a bag and have your child reach for a letter and say the sound. Have him/her reach in for another letter. If your child does not know a sound, say the sound and put it back in the bag. Count how many sounds they can do in a minute.

Write a note each day to put in your child’s lunch box or on your child’s pillow.

Read a nursery rhyme. Reread leaving out the last word of every other line of the rhyme for your child to say.


Allow your child to help you sort the groceries before putting them away (canned goods, boxes or items that need refrigeration).

Have a bag of various objects. Have your child sort by size, then shape, color, texture, etc.

Practice counting orally to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s using a hundred chart.